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Two men from central Louisiana recognized there are various hunting organizations across the globe overseeing the stability of wildlife and habitat in our outdoor world. What they observed was a need to help future generations, and they created a foundation to pool these organizations together through their shared passion for the outdoors and to help humanity in times of need.


Jason Hickox

Jason was born and raised in Alexandria, Louisiana, where he was immersed in the hunting & fishing world from an early age, developing a true passion for the sportsman culture. He enjoys spending time on the farm in Jonesville, LA where he hunts doves and ducks. He also loves fishing with his dad, who is his first and closest mentor, at their camp in Hackberry, LA. The hunting culture is core to Jason and has contributed deeply to his character as an individual. Jason recently experienced the devastation in a profound way.


In 2020, two major hurricanes devastated Southwest and Central Louisiana, causing unfathomable damage and destruction. Jason's passion to help the community recover inspired him to start a foundation with a mission to rally around the sportsman culture and bring the outdoor world to the front lines of raising money and awareness to help people in need. Jason's goal and dream to build something that will reach out and help a great many people for generations to come.


Lance Greer

Lance was raised on a small farm in LaSalle Parish, Louisiana, where he grew up hunting, fishing, and tending to his Papaw’s cows. For the last 25 years, Lance’s professional career has brought him around the world. Today, Lance’s passion is seizing every opportunity to spend time outdoors.


Following two devastating hurricanes in 2020, Lance traveled across Louisiana and Mississippi to offer help to affected friends, family, and people they had never met. The genuine appreciation he received for his efforts was overwhelming. For him, his intention was simply to do what he felt he needed to help; however, for those he touched, Lance’s support meant the world. This overwhelming appreciation inspired Lance to do more.


Our ever-growing circle of public and private partners is committed to inspiring people to follow their path for kindness. 

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